The Lost Art of a Perfectly Crafted Mixtape

In some ways I think a mix tape is a way to convey emotions, feelings and thoughts better than words.  It is a romantic gesture that rivals engagement rings, a friendly gesture that beats out any hug.  In today's era of digital music we lost it.  Well, kind of.  I have started to use and I really dig it and in some ways it brings the mix tape back.  Sure, we don't have to use a calculator to figure out if this entire song is going to fit on this side, but we can still nerd out on figuring out exactly when the song you think best describes how enamoured you are with this person goes and also it does allow a lot of great ways to express yourself.  I have made a couple...ok I have made 3 and currently working on the 4th. Check them out as well as the service:

For Ellie

Into You